Karen Erasmus

Karen Erasmus

Bright and beautiful designs and illustrations for children's products


I am a surface pattern designer with almost 10 years of experience in providing illustrations to businesses and individuals. I particularly enjoy designing patterns and illustrations for children’s products. Please enjoy browsing through my portfolio of patterns and illustrations. I am happy to discuss commissions or exclusively-designed patterns.

A mock-up image of a small boy wearing a green pattern jersey.
A mock-up photo of  a large beach bag with a pattern of birds and flowers in purply grey.
A photo of a girl facing her back towards the camera wearing a cotton dress with a butterfly pattern in different colours.
A red patterned floral blanket draped over a foot stall.

Licensing Patterns

Finding designs to suit your products can be time consuming and overwhelming. I offer flat fees for licensing many of my designs.


I can provide you with high quality fabrics professionally printed with my designs. Fabric that has been sourced, manufactured and printed in Australia. I can also have products sewn for you locally. High quality, custom designed and made 100 % in Australia. If you aim to provide products made from materials that are developed locally please contact me.

Close up photo of textured patterned fabric in reds and green.
Red , pink and green patterned fabric cushions.
Blue and orange patterned cushions in a close up shot.
Close-up photo of orange and blue fabric cushion covers.

Picture Book Illustration

I have illustrated many children’s picture books over the past 8 years. Publishers include Hachette and The National Library of Australia.


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