Karen Erasmus

Karen Erasmus

Bright and beautiful designs and illustrations for children's products


Karen is an artist with over 10 years experience in providing illustration and surface pattern designs to businesses and individuals. She has illustrated 18 children’s picture books. One of her books, Eva’s Imagination, was recently featured on the classic Australian tv show Play School.

Karen’s illustrations also feature on fabrics and other products in the form of surface design and patterns. She loves creating designs that are bright and eye-catching for children to enjoy.

Children’s Book Illustration

Karen has illustrated a range of children’s picture books and educational material covering a wide variety of subject matter. Publishers include The National Library of Australia and Hachette Children’s Books.


Are you looking for bright beautiful fabric? We can provide you with high-quality fabrics professionally printed with Karen’s designs. Fabric that has been sourced, manufactured and printed in Australia. We can also provide a sewing service if you would like cushion covers or tea-towels. High quality, custom-designed and made 100% in Australia.


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