Sketchbook Project time again.

Two years ago I had heaps of fun putting together a pop-up sketchbook. This year I went through a bunch of fancy ideas involving the Shark cull cause and then taking sentences from a novel. But it was all too hard and I wasn’t getting on with it. So I’ve gone with the self-indulgent theme instead because it suits me. So here are the first few pages. Snap shots of my life. The collage is fun but it has to go because I’m supposed to have 16 sketches by the end of next week.

I cycled up a really big hill.

Arthurs seat We went to dinner with some gorgeous friends who have built  a house in a beautiful rural setting. They said they were over run with rabbits that helped themselves to the fruit on the trees.  rabbits

I had lunch with Steven Seagull


I changed the wheel on my bus.


Last Pop-ups and goodbye

I have finally completed my little pop-up book and I’ve rebound it! I knew that module in my illustration course would come in handy one day. Now though I am left with a dilemma. The rules at ‘The Sketchbook Project’ state that the book must be under 1 inch thick. Whoops. So now I have this lovely object that I worked so hard on and there’s a good chance it may never be exhibited or returned to me. But is there any point in keeping hold of it? It’s been a wonderful challenge and I’ve learnt a lot; mainly about how much can be achieved, sticking at it and not being too attached to results. It’s also been totally gorgeous getting peoples likes and comments. So is the process or the final product that is really important? I will almost certainly post it and I hope some other people get to enjoy it.