Digital fun

Yesterday I had the absolute joy of experimenting and getting to grips with photoshop. I was motivated to reproduce a pop-up piece I did for The 52 Week Illustration Challenge last year. It came together surprisingly quickly.

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Arriety. The Borrowers

Myths and Magic

It’s my middle child’s birthday this week and she’s mad for chameleons at the moment so I was inspired to combine the ‘52 week illustration challenge‘ with something to do with chameleons. According to African Mythology a chameleon discovered the first tiny humans in a basket by a river. I thought he probably found them pretty funny looking.


And here is a little bit of magic


Thumb Blister!

The 52 Week Illustration Challenge continues! I’m enjoying it so much and my books of pop-ups are growing every week. This is Week 29 ‘Love’




Week 3 ‘Retro’ The inspiration for this was 50s dress pattern covers. i’m not sure it’s very successful because it was hurried a bit.20150731_144952

This is today’s effort. Week 4 ‘Insect’. My youngest has been enjoying reading Mary Norton’s ‘The Borrowers’. This is taken from the scene when Arrietty experiences the garden for the first time: “An ant came hurrying in a busy zig-zag. She danced in front of it to tease it and put her foot out. It stared at her, non-plussed…”20150803_131622 20150803_131632

And here is one of my favourite pictures of my two older girls many years ago when the oldest was about to start school. The younger one would never admit it now but she still watches her older sister very carefully.


2 more pop-ups…nearly done!

I only have 2 more pop-ups to go before the book is finished. The deadline for posting it is next week. I’m feeling rather pleased with myself. I’ve been getting things done medically that I’ve been putting off for ages. I had a filling and had my ear cleaned out so my hearing aid works – urgh, I shouldn’t mention ears here. I also finally decided to get an in-growing toe nail removed after months of putting up with it. I too along my dearest friend who is a theatre nurse. She held my hand and chose to wait until hours a later before she told me how horrified she was by the doctors practice. But I survived and I still have a toe so it’s ok.



The middle child had a sleepover onesie party. I survived that too.

Pop Pop Pop

Rather than being able to document our busy lives this week, it got too busy. We’ve had a birthday, animal births, animal rescue, toe surgery, life changing decisions and a school concert. And a general election! I’m trying to catch my breath!  Here are the pop-ups I’ve done. Now I have to try and clean the house for a party tomorrow.


Charades around the fire

(Yes, that does say ‘mushrooms’ and it should say marshmallows, I wasn’t hallucinating that child dressed as a giraffe!)


Early morning birthday wake-up call


Orlando and Elliot, the new school lambs



Note sure how much more the book can take!

These last two pics are of the animal rescue we were responsible for last weekend. We’ve pondered over whether or not its a good thing to get rid of big dead gum trees so D decided to chop down one overhanging the driveway. It was a really close call for a couple of tiny sugar-gliders found nesting in the hollow of the tree. So now all the dead trees around this property will be staying



Two more pop-ups

I do get real work done sometimes, honestly. Here are two more pop-ups. I’m so determined to get this thing completed even though it doesn’t seem possible in the time I have. This one of us all on the couch was rushed.  D’ looks like a podgy old man and I doubt he’ll be thrilled with this portrayal of him. So to help things a bit, here he is about ten years ago, and I swear he hasn’t changed one bit but he does have less hair than the individual on the left.



Kate and D swim01

In the garden

Spring has arrived in glorious Melbourne and we’re all feeling very very lucky and happy to live here. So the next pop-up features the family in the garden. My husband just adores spending time in his garden and last weekend he planted a tree that will take about 15 years to grow to maturity.

I am also trying to get my head round completing two big projects. It’s going well but the madness is building and it’s going to take a bit of level-headedness to keep things under control. I can’t complain about being busy doing stuff I just love to bits.






Pop-up Bicycles


Still going strong with the pop-up visual diary. There’s nothing better than a turn in the weather. Just a few degrees warmer to let you know that Spring has arrived. Our youngest girl got a new bike for her eighth birthday earlier this year and has hardly had a chance to ride it because it’s been so cold and wet for months. It was so great to see her laughing as she wizzed down the hills. She’s loves cycling so much I wonder if she’ll take after me and take her bicycle travelling with her one day. I still wonder what happened to the bike I left in Africa when I went home. I hope it helped to get a bunch of people to school.

Bike4life  is an awesome charity based in Australia that donate bikes to remote communities in Africa

But back to our little family world! A mysterious little box was delivered this morning for my girls. I’m itching to find out what’s in it, but it was addressed to them. It almost certainly came from my mother in the UK, but there are no real clues that it did.  If it did it could have literally anything inside it. It’s a groovy little box though. A story starter.


Pop-up Joy!



Several weeks ago I signed up to do The Sketchbook Project as I was really excited that it was coming to Melbourne for the first time. Last time I did this project I didn’t organise myself and submitted a dismal piece, so I’m doing it properly this time and decided on a cohesive design from the start.

I absolutely love pop-up books but I’ve never tried to make one. I have discovered that it’s surprisingly easy. Here are the first two pages of sketch book titled ’32 Days. A Visual Diary of Life in Leafy Suburbia’ I’m very happy with it so far.