Digital fun

Yesterday I had the absolute joy of experimenting and getting to grips with photoshop. I was motivated to reproduce a pop-up piece I did for The 52 Week Illustration Challenge last year. It came together surprisingly quickly.

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Arriety. The Borrowers

Where did November go?


Here some of the stuff I’ve been doing. The program cover for my daughters ballet school and some christmas cards. I’ve also finished another book and the roughs for another and signed a contract for another! So things are scooting along happily.

If you like these Christmas cards they’re available to purchase at REDBUBBLE

Happy Christmas!

Cinderella program cover




Nose Ghouls

This little creature came into being because of a competition run by Murdoch Books last year. There were three detailed descriptions of monsters from a new book by Peter Macinnis. These little things steal nose hair for some reason. This year the college tutors reissued the wording and we had to elaborate the characters into a series of illustrations. It gave me a chance to play around with Photoshop on a new computer which is the love of my life at the moment.

More and more birds

I’m supposed to be designing a student diary cover for a college assigment. So the idea of birds accurred to me and my plan was to give them tails and wing feathers that were paint brushes, or screw-drivers or spoons to represent the various subjects that people study. My technical ability with photoshop let me down there and I had a few very frustrating evenings getting to grips with it. Of course I decided that the only thing to do was to spend several thousand dollars replacing my pc with a zooty new mac – because the problem can’t possibly be my foggy brain can it? But a very short discussion with the person who doesn’t live in fantasy land in this house set me right. So here are some initial drawings for something that doesn’t require high level photoshop skills. It is looking a bit childrens book though, which I love but I’m not sure it’s really appropriate here. We’ll see.