I finally got you round to having some of my own prints made up into cushions. It was about a year ago that I first took some classes on Skillshare with Bonnie Christine. Then we went on holiday to Queensland and I collected a whole load of drawing and photographs to make my own patterns. I’m always learning more and more about pattern design and it just gets better. I’m working on getting some baby quilts and muslins made up next.

Cycling and Pattern Design

I’ve been wanting to find an excuse to design a pattern for a cycling shirt and this weeks Spoonflower challenge was just perfect. I was really working from what I’d like to wear as a cycling. I enjoyed playing with the colour palette and there’s definitely some more playing around to be done. Maybe the pink as a background or even an additional panel? The maths involved in creating this was daunting at times. I created each of the wheels and cogs in Adobe Illustrator. The mock-up came from Creative Market which is an increasingly valuable design resource for me.


In the interest of diversifying and doing something different but still very arty and satisfying, I have been having a lot of fun with my friend Jane recently making cakes! Not something I ever really thought of getting into, as my baking skills are limited to chocolate brownie and only if I can get round to making it before I eat the chocolate.

I’ve been sharing the pictures in other places but I thought I’d put them all together in a post purely for my own satisfaction really. It’s only been a few weeks but I’ve learnt loads of new skills…..not how to bake though, that’s strictly Jane’s job.

20150619_175404 20150619_175137

This one was made for the big D’s birthday. He’s mad about his garden. The cake was made of six layers of chocolate and valnilla cakes with butter creamm between, the base being slightly crushed Maltesers. As you can imagine it was destroyed very quickly! We let D eat himself. The resemblance is startling.


The one was for my youngest. She designed it.

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These photos are curtesy of another brilliantly talented friend who we made the cake for. She wanted a cake with all the family pets on. She was setting a challenge, and I came up with this design.

And lastly a bit of experimenting with flavours, chocolate tempering and ‘Christmas in July’. Here’s an orange-chocolate cake, a raspberry and chocolate cake and a blueberry and lemon cake. They were all delicious!

Now time to get back on my bike!

P1030296 P1030299 P1030489 P1030495 P1030504