List, plan, muddle…Christmas

Four days left before Christmas! I’m a ridiculous list maker at the best of time but it can get out of hand at this time of the year. We haven’t got any house guests this year, and although we’re allowed to mix with others here we’re keeping it low-key. The news from the UK, whereContinue reading “List, plan, muddle…Christmas”


In the interest of diversifying and doing something different but still very arty and satisfying, I have been having a lot of fun with my friend Jane recently making cakes! Not something I ever really thought of getting into, as my baking skills are limited to chocolate brownie and only if I can get roundContinue reading “Cake!”

Where did November go?

  Here some of the stuff I’ve been doing. The program cover for my daughters ballet school and some christmas cards. I’ve also finished another book and the roughs for another and signed a contract for another! So things are scooting along happily. If you like these Christmas cards they’re available to purchase at REDBUBBLEContinue reading “Where did November go?”