Book on the Telly!!

Last year I illustrated a book named ‘A Secret Safe to Tell’. I must admit it was a confronting a difficult book to illustrate but it felt like the right thing to do. Since the book was published earlier this year I have had the pleasure of getting to know the author and now considerContinue reading “Book on the Telly!!”

New Projects

A few weeks ago I watched a video by an illustrator. It was a talk on her work practices. She bordered of being OCD but her approach was something I feel I’d like to adopt. It centred around systematically and routinely creating according to rules and commitment. Sounds really boring and not at all artisticContinue reading “New Projects”

Drawing meditation

Sometimes it’s really great to just empty your head and draw. I watched a little video of Shaun Tan talking about how he approaches starting a book. He said most of the time it starts with a bunch of drawings that seemingly come from nowhere. Here’s the result of my drawing daydream.

Morning sketch

I thought I’d try to start the day with a random sketch. I went for a particularly blowy walk on the beach this morning. The dogs had heaps of fun….I was going to say they had a ball but realised they are dogs and that could be misunderstood. They’re not intelligent enough for a ball,Continue reading “Morning sketch”


    I’m enjoying some experimenting with new inks, gold ink! What a joy. Also,, I went to life-drawing for the first time in years and years. An old friend told me it’s like creative yoga, so I finally went and enjoyed every moment. My attempts to get out and draw in public every TuesdayContinue reading “Scribbles”

Veg Baby

Every Tuesday I have a box of market fresh veggies delivered to the door and a cheerful wave from Scott who delivers them. This week I had a message to say that the veggies wouldn’t be delivered as his wife had had a baby. So I thought that required a congratulations card.

Last Pop-ups and goodbye

I have finally completed my little pop-up book and I’ve rebound it! I knew that module in my illustration course would come in handy one day. Now though I am left with a dilemma. The rules at ‘The Sketchbook Project’ state that the book must be under 1 inch thick. Whoops. So now I haveContinue reading “Last Pop-ups and goodbye”

Pop Pop Pop

Rather than being able to document our busy lives this week, it got too busy. We’ve had a birthday, animal births, animal rescue, toe surgery, life changing decisions and a school concert. And a general election! I’m trying to catch my breath!  Here are the pop-ups I’ve done. Now I have to try and cleanContinue reading “Pop Pop Pop”