New book on the way!

Tomorrow is the publication day for this lovely picture book celebrating some of the heroes of the catastrophic bush fires that took place in Australia early in 2020. I’m really proud to have illustrated this book, especially as it’s so local. It was a super fast deadline but fortunately there were no compromises and theContinue reading “New book on the way!”

Another Challenge

The 100 Day Project – again I do love a challenge, but sometimes you have to gracefully admit defeat. In February I started another #100dayproject. This time I chose to draw a character every day. It was fantastic practice with using the iPad and Procreate. And it’s always great to mix with other artists outsideContinue reading “Another Challenge”

Digital fun

Yesterday I had the absolute joy of experimenting and getting to grips with photoshop. I was motivated to reproduce a pop-up piece I did for The 52 Week Illustration Challenge last year. It came together surprisingly quickly.

New book on the way

This week I’ve been working on Naomi Hunter‘s new book. If you know her first picture book you’ll know that she doesn’t shy away from tackling the big issues. This one is about parenting and depression. Which sounds very sad, but it’s a book full of hope. It’s beautifully written and I really hope the picturesContinue reading “New book on the way”


I’ve had a day day of messing around and experimenting. I listened to a gorgeous podcast interview between Wil Anderson and Bryony Kimmings yesterday (Wilsophy). She said something fabulous about being an artist, something along the lines of not understanding why artists are so self important and claim that making art so so hard…..it’s notContinue reading “Playtime!”

Love Cake

Whilst I was painting this cake I was listening to the news on the radio. It got depressing after a while. The half hourly reminders that Tony Abbott is using every tactic available to him to block marriage equality in this country. It’s shameful and embarrassing. But this is a blog about illustration, not politics.Continue reading “Love Cake”

Where did November go?

  Here some of the stuff I’ve been doing. The program cover for my daughters ballet school and some christmas cards. I’ve also finished another book and the roughs for another and signed a contract for another! So things are scooting along happily. If you like these Christmas cards they’re available to purchase at REDBUBBLEContinue reading “Where did November go?”