Self Belief – What’s that?

Where do you find support and encouragement when you work alone? I signed up to attend a SCWBI event for illustrators. I would love share some of my work for ‘peer review’ (when I’ve figured out what that is) but honestly, after ten years of working as a professional illustrator, I’m not sure I’m readyContinue reading “Self Belief – What’s that?”

Creativity, young people and mental health

As a teacher of creativity it was really disheartening this week to hear in the news that humanities degrees in Australia are set to double in cost over the next few years. The (total nonsense) logic is that it will encourage young people to consider more vocational subjects. But of course it will only disadvantageContinue reading “Creativity, young people and mental health”

School Holiday Adventures

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks. I set myself some mad projects and seem to have miraculously come through it. I’ve been promising to decorate the middle child’s bedroom for quite a while as she chose the powdery purple colour on the walls when she was four. Never let a four year old chooseContinue reading “School Holiday Adventures”

Happy New Year!

I can honestly say I haven’t lifted a pencil to draw in two weeks. It’s becoming a bit of an issue, but the whirlwind of visiting children,  trips to the beach and trying to keep the house in some kind of order doesn’t look like slowing down soon. Christmas and New Year festivities always seemContinue reading “Happy New Year!”