Here’s a little bit about me.

I grew up in Devon in the UK and moved to Australia when my children were very young. I’m lucky to live on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula just 5 minutes from the beach and an hour out of the gorgeous city of Melbourne. There’s a lot of beautiful inspiration here. 

My career as an illustrator has been rich and varied. I have illustrated around 20 children’s picture books for many different publishers and organisations. My home surroundings and three busy children help to give me ideas for scenes and characters.

I’m addicted to making patterns. The whole process is a joy from sketching new ideas, creating colour palettes, bringing all together and finally seeing the design in print. My pattern designs are featured on fabrics, wallpaper and products.

I have also sold many portraits and pastel paintings through local art exhibitions. I love creating bespoke illustrations and pattern designs for individuals. Please contact me with any ideas you have for yourself or your business.

The scene below is from ‘Eva’s Imagination’ by Wenda Shurety

It’s very similar to the space I work in at home.

Karen xx 


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  1. i love your style 😀
    it’s totally amazing!!!!!!
    i like the way you incorporate both pencil sketch and water colour painting

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