School visits

I am available for readings and creative workshops in schools, libraries and other institutions. As a qualified and registered teacher, I have many years of experience in creating engaging workshops for children based around picture books and illustration. I had my own private art class business for four years and also worked at Oak Hill Gallery running art classes for children. My focus is always to foster the individual creative spirit, rather than be prescriptive in my particular way of working.

Stories through pictures

I have been illustrating picture books for children since 2012. I love creating books that engage the reader through pictures as well as words. The pictures tell a story of their own and there are often additional furry character friends. I love receiving a new manuscript and sketching out the main characters and animals to form their character and how they will move around. Each book brings a new learning curve. Recently I have started illustrating picture book digitally, rather than in watercolour. The background sketching, and even the painting process is similar. Digital work just allows the final illustrations to be manipulated more easily.