Searching for the right illustrations and patterns for your products can be daunting. Let me help you.

Why buy direct from the designer?

I want to assist you in finding what you’re looking for. Artwork for your products. There are many many places on the web where you can buy patterns and illustration for your products. And, like most internet searches, it can get overwhelming and confusing. As you have found your way here, to my little corner of the web, I would really love to help! I offer a variety of options for licensing my work depending on what you need.

The feel-good factor

Is it important to you to support local and small businesses? When you buy from a stock pattern supply site the artist receives a commission. A percentage fraction of the price you pay. Buying directly from the artist means you get the personal attention you need and I get paid the full amount for my work. That makes everyone feel good doesn’t it?

It’s always good to know what you’re paying for up front….


The pattern is available on other licensing platforms and may appear on other products

$200/year or $20 /month

The pattern is exclusive to you for a specified time and will not be available to others during that time. The product is specified.


The pattern is exclusively yours for the product you specify.

Negotiated price

A fully commissioned pattern or illustration. The price is reliant on time, medium and usage

What do you get?

I provide custom, vectored designs that are scaled to suit your need. PNG, JPEG or SVG files at 150dpi or 300dpi

Your design can be printed and supplied to you on a range of different fabrics, wallpaper or paper.