Boys Can’t Sew

It happened again! At the market last weekend someone approached my stall and showed an interest in my Sew Together Dolls. They appreciated the concept, the design of the animals and multicultural people. They loved the step-by-step visual instructions to encourage children to be involved. And then she said ‘But I only have boys’. Seriously?Continue reading “Boys Can’t Sew”

Market Time!

I’m having a mild panic putting together my first market stall. Fortunately the market is set a truely gorgeous place and I’ll be surrounded by other lovely creative types. Check out The Emu Plains Market in Balnarring, it’s very beautiful. I’ll have my Sew Together Kits, artist print, t-towels and cards available. Markets have beenContinue reading “Market Time!”

You Can’t Get It Right

At the start of an art class, particularly with children, I often say ‘You can’t get it right and you can’t get it wrong. Art is an individual thing and no one does the same work. It’s an attempt to put the learners and ease and reduce comparisons and harsh judgments. Creativity is easier whenContinue reading “You Can’t Get It Right”

How Important is Imaginative Play?

Let’s escape all this. What’s better than sitting down to a good movie or reading a book? Escaping into another world and forgetting all your concerns. We just sink into it and enjoy it and don’t think about what we’re learning. This is similar to children engaged in imaginative play. They are so absorbed thatContinue reading “How Important is Imaginative Play?”

Let’s Sew Together!

Creating sewing kits Over the past couple of months I’ve been working on creating two collections of sewing kits. Now they’re finally ready to put in the shop! The idea came from watching my teenage kids getting into sewing during lockdown (and again in the next lockdown and the next. We’re in lock down 5Continue reading “Let’s Sew Together!”

It’s all new

New Year The start of a new year immediately makes you look at the past one. It’s not very pretty this year though is it? Personally it was ok for us. Australia hasn’t been hard it by Covid 19 like other countries. But then we were in lockdown for what seemed like an eternity, soContinue reading “It’s all new”

Well here it is…

Happy Holidays From where I’m sitting on the south coast of Australia, I’m very aware of how incredibly fortunate I am. After many months of severe lockdown – no schools, shops or public places open apart from the grocery stores – we no longer have active cases of Covid19 in the community here. It’s prettyContinue reading “Well here it is…”