Back to Redbubble Fun!

This week I had a whole lot of fun uploading some patterns and illustrations to Redbubble. It was incredibly easy and I made a sale almost immediately! That was a big boost. Why wait? What have you got to lose? I’ve put off adding designs to lots of different types of products because I honestlyContinue reading “Back to Redbubble Fun!”

Colour and Illustration

Colour – it’s a massive subject. Something that is incredibly beautiful and fundamental to art and illustration. Yet if you start getting into studying it formally, it can get very overwhelming. Complementary colours aren’t colours that sit well together, they’re colours that make each other stand out. Like red and green. Already it’s confusing! FromContinue reading “Colour and Illustration”

It’s all new

New Year The start of a new year immediately makes you look at the past one. It’s not very pretty this year though is it? Personally it was ok for us. Australia hasn’t been hard it by Covid 19 like other countries. But then we were in lockdown for what seemed like an eternity, soContinue reading “It’s all new”

More sewing

Face masks with wire! So life is opening up again and it feels weird and worrying so this weekend I hid behind my sewing machine. That’s not strictly true, we did have drinks with a few friends and of course I ferried the kids around but I did spend a large amount of time sewingContinue reading “More sewing”

More and more animals in hats!

Day 40 and counting. 40 days ago I had the ridiculous notion to start The 100 Day Project. As I love creating characters I set myself the challenge to create 100 animals in hats. Why? I don’t really know…it’s fun and we all need more silly nonsense in our lives. I’m contributing to the greaterContinue reading “More and more animals in hats!”

The 100 Days of Animals in Hats

It’s getting to us all Well of course, like everyone else on the planet, life is just not the same. We’re all working at home now. But it’s going just fine. There’s an endless list of things to be thankful and grateful for of course, and we’re all massively productive in pursuing our fabulous passionContinue reading “The 100 Days of Animals in Hats”

Getting by at home

Sew-Walk-Draw-Design-Repeat As for most people on planet earth at the moment life has changed dramatically around here during the past two weeks. But we’re lucky, we have space to walk the dogs and for each of us to hide away from each other when we need to. I’ve been enjoying starting some unusual projects. AtContinue reading “Getting by at home”

Flying Elephants from the Past

Many years ago when my parents lived in Australia (and the world wasn’t completely fxxxed…sorry, I’m trying to stay positive!) my daughter drew this marvellous elephant. Mum loved it so much she had it stuck on her laundry wall for ages. I managed to take a photo before it faded and the other day itContinue reading “Flying Elephants from the Past”

Time for some Dancing Bears

I scribbled down some dancing bears today. It seemed right to find something silly to do. Things are still pretty easy for us in southern Australia, but we know that the schools will close soon and we’ll told to stay at home. Over the years I’ve run private art classes and school workshops on drawingContinue reading “Time for some Dancing Bears”