Scribbles to Picture Book

Where do you start? I love the first stages of creating a picture book. Picture books hold a unique position for children in their first years. They offer a way to engage with the written word before they can read. The pictures, and the people who read the words, guide them and show them howContinue reading “Scribbles to Picture Book”

Wildly Adorable

Creating Animal Character Illustrations The joy of illustrating animal characters comes from knowing you’re creating a substitute for a child. They can have playfulness, curiosity and silliness. In a picture book, they can show another visual story that might not be mentioned in the text. As the sidekick or silent partner they can offer someContinue reading “Wildly Adorable”

Relax, it’s just a piece of paper

Drawing without purpose Spend more than 30 seconds on the internet and someone will tell you how to monetise your skills and be better and more efficient. It’s exhausting. So it’s not surprising that many people are looking for hobbies away from screens. Pottery, crochet and sewing are having a moment. But they all involveContinue reading “Relax, it’s just a piece of paper”

Navigating the Craft Market Scene

The market season is drawing to a close. Here in Melbourne it’s getting chilly and the leaves are changing colour to mark Autumn. I’ve only been doing markets for two seasons and recently I’ve been reflecting on the whole experience. I started it just as we were coming out of the pandemic lockdowns and IContinue reading “Navigating the Craft Market Scene”

New Projects and Old

I’ve been creating work on the iPad for some years now. It changed everything for me. I could talk about improved workflow and efficient delivery of work to clients. Yawn. But, my absolute favourite thing about it is exploring brushes and textures to work in different ways. It’s like preparing a canvas with paper andContinue reading “New Projects and Old”