I’ve had a day day of messing around and experimenting. I listened to a gorgeous podcast interview between Wil Anderson and Bryony Kimmings yesterday (Wilsophy). She said something fabulous about being an artist, something along the lines of not understanding why artists are so self important and claim that making art so so hard…’s not hard, it’s just playing and experimenting. Loved it.

So today I played and experimented, and it was totally appropriate because I had this to do for the Illustrators Australia 9×5 Exhibition titled ‘Playtime’

This was watered down acrylic and graphite on wood sealed with gloss varnish.

More cake creativity

Loved making this cake last week. It was for a birthday….yes, chameleons again. It isn’t over, we still have the party to come! I really enjoyed practicing painting on fondant again.

The chocolate cupcakes were made for the class at school. They are completely gluten free, dairy free, nut free, colour and preservative free. Not egg free, but I am assured that that is also possible. They’re really delicious. It’s great to be able to cater for everyone.




This week I have been exploring a change in colour pallet and using pencil instead of ink for lines. I’m happy with the results. It’s also been Book Week in Australia and there’s been a flood of gorgeous pictures of kids dressing up as their favourite character.

These images are drawn directly from personal experience and memories. Some of my best memories are of holidays with my sisters. The other picture is a remake of a picture I did a while ago based on my eldest child love of climbing. She competes in rock-climbing now, but when she was younger a large tree in the back garden was her refuge when things got too hectic for her.




I should be getting on with work that people will be paying me for, but I just love doing these pop-ups. I love having to do them quickly and the effect that has. But most of all it’s so great to post them on 52 Week Illustration Challenge because the people involved in the project are so positive and generous with their feedback.

So here are this weeks.


3 witches 3witches01 ‘Fabric’20150817_092314


In the interest of diversifying and doing something different but still very arty and satisfying, I have been having a lot of fun with my friend Jane recently making cakes! Not something I ever really thought of getting into, as my baking skills are limited to chocolate brownie and only if I can get round to making it before I eat the chocolate.

I’ve been sharing the pictures in other places but I thought I’d put them all together in a post purely for my own satisfaction really. It’s only been a few weeks but I’ve learnt loads of new skills…..not how to bake though, that’s strictly Jane’s job.

20150619_175404 20150619_175137

This one was made for the big D’s birthday. He’s mad about his garden. The cake was made of six layers of chocolate and valnilla cakes with butter creamm between, the base being slightly crushed Maltesers. As you can imagine it was destroyed very quickly! We let D eat himself. The resemblance is startling.


The one was for my youngest. She designed it.

11695944_10154078672713677_4427361473303685569_n 11693832_10154078672518677_2048249461733615893_n 11221598_10154078672688677_4890170906789756360_n 10392346_10154078672588677_454079535911896285_n

These photos are curtesy of another brilliantly talented friend who we made the cake for. She wanted a cake with all the family pets on. She was setting a challenge, and I came up with this design.

And lastly a bit of experimenting with flavours, chocolate tempering and ‘Christmas in July’. Here’s an orange-chocolate cake, a raspberry and chocolate cake and a blueberry and lemon cake. They were all delicious!

Now time to get back on my bike!

P1030296 P1030299 P1030489 P1030495 P1030504

Thumb Blister!

The 52 Week Illustration Challenge continues! I’m enjoying it so much and my books of pop-ups are growing every week. This is Week 29 ‘Love’




Week 3 ‘Retro’ The inspiration for this was 50s dress pattern covers. i’m not sure it’s very successful because it was hurried a bit.20150731_144952

This is today’s effort. Week 4 ‘Insect’. My youngest has been enjoying reading Mary Norton’s ‘The Borrowers’. This is taken from the scene when Arrietty experiences the garden for the first time: “An ant came hurrying in a busy zig-zag. She danced in front of it to tease it and put her foot out. It stared at her, non-plussed…”20150803_131622 20150803_131632

And here is one of my favourite pictures of my two older girls many years ago when the oldest was about to start school. The younger one would never admit it now but she still watches her older sister very carefully.


Two more pop-ups

It’s been a fairly usual week in the Erasmus house. I managed to get two more pop-ups completed for The 52 Week Illustration Challenge. I must say it’s a delightful online community. The positive feedback I’m getting is really spurring me on. The book ‘Being Different’ went off to the dark and gloomy world of production. I need to try and forget about it until it appears in print. So I’m enjoying embarking on other projects and catching up with ones I should have done ages ago. We celebrated ‘Christmas in July’ here last weekend with a delicious leg of lamb, fabulous company and of course loads of cake!




A usual Saturday night at our place

Tempered chocolate Christmas Trees. I did that!

P1030388 P1030393 P1030394 P1030396 P1030417

It’s cold.

Popping Up Again

A couple of years ago I created a pop-up sketchbook for The Sketch Book Project. It was sent off to be stored in the New York Library and I’ll probably never see it again. So I thought it was about time I set myself another ridiculous challenge. This one with ‘challenge’ in the title. The facebook page ’52 Week Illustration Challenge’ is now in its 27th week. Time to catch up! I’ve decided to do two pop-ups a week from now to the end of the year. That sounds ambitious at the moment, but my intentions are good and I really love making pop-ups.

Week 1. Fairy Tale

RedRidingHood popup

Week 27. Style

I miss my sisters all the time. Watching my three daughters growing up is a constant reminder of our childhood together. The bickering, discussions but most of all the laughing. My older sister has always had a style of her own. She is hilarious. One of my dearest memories of her is the Shirley Bassy impression she did one evening, using Mum’s purple 70’s floppy hat. Me and my younger sister almost wet ourselves laughing.

Hilarysings popup

Here we all when we were kids


I absolutely love pop-up books. So my intention is to put all these pop-ups together eventually. It will probably make a few books. I’ve had this paper engineering book since my teaching days. It’s ace.


Another book I’ve had for a long time. I was lucky enough to be left these delightful books full of sketches that are just blissful to look at and gain inspiration from. I can only dream of being able to capture character and movement like this in just a few marks.

babysketch childsketch childsketch01 girlsketch kids sketch pigandchicken