New Projects and Old

I’ve been creating work on the iPad for some years now. It changed everything for me. I could talk about improved workflow and efficient delivery of work to clients. Yawn. But, my absolute favourite thing about it is exploring brushes and textures to work in different ways. It’s like preparing a canvas with paper and glue and painting blobs with a palette knife, but a lot less messy. I discovered Lisa Glanz a few weeks ago through a new design assets marketplace Design Cuts. Lisa sells brushes and textured canvasses for Procreate that are transformative. The assets come with excellent tutorial videos as well. I am finally creating the type of whimsical, hand-drawn illustration I’ve been striving for since I first started working digitally around 5 years ago.

Old stuff

This week I was delighted to find an old friend in my postbox. Ten years ago I made a pop-up diary for The Sketchbook Project. It documented little snapshots of our lives together. I posted it to Brooklyn and it sat on a shelf in The Brooklyn Art Library. Sadly the library closed, but I was really happy to get the book back. Most sketchbooks are digitised now and the collection is well worth looking at. Check out my sister’s Chris Andrew. She’s a cartoon artist in London. The sketchbook is about the time our Dad passed away. It’s incredibly moving, poignant and darkly funny. I might be biased but she’s quite brilliant.


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