We’re off to The Show!

The Melbourne Royal Show

I’ve heard a lot about it over the years. My kids have visited it with other families and bowled through the door with show bags bigger than themselves full of nonsense, telling stories of mad animals and fairground rides. It sounds exhausting but as we did just about every other thing that Melbourne has to offer, I’m not sure why we never braved the show. It’s an agricultural show similar to the Devon county show in the UK that was part of my childhood. Well, this year, it looks like I finally get to go.

Greyhound Adoption

The books I have been illustrating recently were written by a greyhound enthusiast. She’s keen to let people know about their adorable quirks and encourage people to adopt them. As a result, the Greyhound Adoption Program is using some of my illustrations on their stall at the show. I’m really excited to see the large-scale results. The show runs from 22nd Sept to 2nd October. So if you’re going, head for the Greyhound Adoption Program stall and have a look. Of course, there will be the opportunity to buy picture books whilst you are there.