Australian Animals on their way!

My best-selling products at the markets are the collections of small doll ‘Sew Together’ kits. When I first designed and made them I honestly wasn’t sure how much people would like them. But I found that after a few weeks I needed to order more fabric. The ‘Little Bag of Friends’ are particularly popular, especially with teachers.

More ideas

One thing I absolutely love about selling directly is that you get honest and imediate feedback through sales and peoples comments. A lot of people have told me how much they would love to see a collection of Australian animals. My individual koalas have sold out, so I’m running with this idea.

Ready for Christmas

They’re getting printed at the moment but these little darlings will be available for my sprint to the Christmas finish line. If you’d like to get in early I’m taking orders. Just contact me.

Published by Karen Erasmus

I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer. I have illustrated 18 picture books. I live in Melbourne, Australia with three kids, two dogs, four chickens and a mad husband. Life's busy. I also love to sew and cycle and visit galleries whenever I get the time.