Albert on ABC Radio National!

The author of the book I most recently illustrated is an absolute gun with publishing. It’s a joy to watch her and listen to her in newspapers, tv and this week on national radio with Jacinta Parsons.

A delightful object

Finally seeing the hard copy of a book you have worked hard to create can be a really nerve-wracking procedure. And honestly, I have received books in the past, two in particular, and literally sobbed. If the production process bleeds out the colours, or the book design is lacklustre, it can be really sad. So when I saw Albert from the first time I was absolutely over the moon. The production is gorgeous, the colours sing and it’s a lovely object. I’m proud to be able to supply copies in my online shop and at markets.

The slower season, time for cake

Here in Melbourne it’s getting pretty gloomy but I have to say there’s a lot to love about winter here. The winter walks are endlessly interesting because of the mad abundance of fungi and the sunsets and sunrises are spectacular.


A few years ago a friend encouraged me to get into decorating cakes. It was enormous fun and I have a lot of great memories from the experience. We spent a whole year creating a different cake every Friday. She did the baking and I did the decorating. It really showed me what could be achieved with steady, consistent work on something. I have a Pinterest board of some of them.

The fungi wonderland cake

Last year the mushrooms I took photos of inspired this cake for my daughter’s birthday. So pulled on my apron and remembered the skills I acquired from my year of cake making.

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