Time to stop

We need a mini-break! The first three months of this year have whipped by at break-neck speed. It’s just as busy as it was in pre-pandemic days. Perhaps we’re trying to keep on the treadmill to distract ourselves from the nightmare that is going on in the rest of the world. With horrific floods in other areas of Australia and war in Europe it seems easier to put your head down and feel grateful you can work every day.

I do find myself grasping for moments to spend with the kids. Lockdown was such an odd time and of course it wasn’t easy, but we did spend time together sewing, cooking and doing puzzles. I try not to be overly nostalgic because that time was wrapped up with a lot of angst, sadness and deep deep worry, but we did make some pretty cool stuff together. Now I enjoy the times when they tell me about a new band they’ve found, a book they’ve read or if they ask for help with some sewing. Despite the old trope that young people are disengaged and always on their phones, these moments do happen and it reminds me that they are engaged with their own creative projects and worlds.

Easter’s on it’s way

The seasons have changed and the clocks have been adjusted so we’re waking up in darkness here in Melbourne and things are feeling a bit gloomy. But we have Easter to brighten things a bit. A wonderful excuse to have four days off, meet with friends and reconnect.

Two markets

Before the break though, its another busy weekend for me. I’ll be at Emu Plains in Balnarring on Saturday and Mornington Racecourse on Sunday. I’ll be attempting to offer an alternative to chocolate. How cute are these bunnies? Mum always liked things that were made in threes, because there were three of us. So I’ve sent her one of these to make with her nephews. There’s only two of them, but she can keep one.

Happy Easter!

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I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer. I have illustrated 18 picture books. I live in Melbourne, Australia with three kids, two dogs, four chickens and a mad husband. Life's busy. I also love to sew and cycle and visit galleries whenever I get the time.

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