Where have you been?

Well, the quick answer to that is nowhere! But I have been very distracted and busy with projects and trying to keep the family on track. Here’s a brief catch-up. My husband had to travel to Africa and was stuck there for three months whilst we were placed in another lockdown. Melbourne has had more lockdown days than anywhere on the planet. After his return, at last, the lockdown was lifted – hooray! But on that day we experienced a massive storm that cause havoc and left us without power for four days! Interesting times.

So now…Christmas!

So, having recovered from all that madness it’s time to take a deep breath and build up to Christmas. Halloween completely passed us by as we struggled by in the darkness. But today is the first day we’ve had over 25 degrees so that means we’re gearing up for Summer and hopefully a relaxing holiday season.

Polar Bear Christmas

Global Sisters Marketplace

One thing I’m really proud I achieved this year is my little shop on Global Sisters Marketplace. The sewing kits are designed to work as a teaching tool for kids wanting to learn how to sew or embroider. I made six different multicultural dolls and six endangered animals which can act as talking points. I’m working on making some smaller kits and building on my embroidery skills. The kits are also available on my shop here

Another Challenge

Yes, I’m at it again! I’m up to number 50 of my most recent drawing challenge. I’m not stressing to draw every day but it gives me a little boost sometimes to think of illustration ideas away from work projects. Thoughts are often formed more easily without the pressure of a deadline and can then be incredibly useful. It surprises me how these little whimsical illustrations in response to a word can eventually find their way into a picture book later on.

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