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This week I had a whole lot of fun uploading some patterns and illustrations to Redbubble. It was incredibly easy and I made a sale almost immediately! That was a big boost.

Why wait? What have you got to lose?

I’ve put off adding designs to lots of different types of products because I honestly thought it was incredibly important to be able to design for specific products. But the process that Redbubble offers makes it so easy so be able to see exactly what the designs will look like. It’s easy to choose which ones are appropriate for which objects.

Designs Hiding in Files

Over the past couple of years I’ve made a huge effort to up my digital design skills. And in the process I’ve built up a large bank of surface pattern designs and illustrations that were just sitting in files. This gave me a chance to look through them and choose the ones I really felt had some use. And even if they don’t sell I’ve had fun seeing them on products.

Special Occasions

Next on my list of plans for this area is to upload some designs for occasions. Starting with Father’s Day. This one is loosely related to my kids father, although he doesn’t have tattoos and isn’t podgy. He does sport shiny head and beard though.


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