I finally kicked him out

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I know how lucky I am to have an office to myself. It’s an outrageous luxury, but like all luxuries sometimes you have to learn to share. D started working at home last March and moved into my office. It was an interesting experiment but yesterday we finally found an acceptable place for him to go – the room next door. I used to have a seperate table for a drawing board, but as my work is all digital now that’s not required. That desk automatically became D’s when he stopped going into the office last March! But now I’ve got room to move around and not listen to conversations about valves, packaging or KPI’s.


I’m not big on gushy gestures on just one day of the year, but it’s nice to do something, so I drew a picture! He’s alright really. He’s my rock. And now he can have his meetings with other engineers on the other side of the wall, he’s even better. This was another #the100dayproject piece.

Digitising Fun

I’ve been going back over some old watercolour illustrations and working on them on the iPad. This one went well. It’s from Rose’s Red Boots by Maura Finn

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