Christmas Again!

I’m rewriting this because I looked back on what I wrote this time last year and I had written almost the same stuff! The whinge I have about Christmas arriving quickly and getting in the way of Summer. Well this year that seems a bit ridiculous. This year you can’t get past the fact that Christmas marks a massive tick on the to do-list indicating the end of the shit-storm that was 2020! When you start down the path of cataloguing world events during this year, starting with the fires here in January, then Covid 19 and the first lockdown and the second lockdown the rise of Black Lives Matter it can get overwhelming very quickly. I didn’t even mention that crazy election! I have to try and ground myself by focussing on what we’ve achieved as a family. It really helps me to feel very very grateful.

Celebrate Christmas

This year I have at least managed to illustrate some silly cards. The dancing-animals-in-hats theme seems to have run through this year. It’s a bit of silliness that cheers me up. They’re available in my shop.

Freebie How-to

I’ve been remembering last year and the fun I had teaching a cake-topper workshop to local high school kids. Feel free to print out these instructions and have a go!

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