That Drawing Project I did 100 Years Ago!

It’s hard to believe how quickly the past two months has disappeared. When I last wrote I was finishing up on my #100daysofanimalsinhats project with The 100 Day Project. I really got into the swing of it towards the end and stared getting to grips with using Adobe Illustrator and building my skills. I also made all sorts of contacts with other artists so it’s safe to say the project fulfilled what I hoped it would. And then…. at the end of June, I took a teaching job for a one term contract. A really great opportunity to get into teaching art at high school level, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I spent the school holiday getting to know the school and having some extra training and then suddenly it was announced that we’d be doing online teaching. And that’s where the past two months went. Climbing up an enormously steep learning curve! It now looks like I’m not going to meet the students before my contract ends. But wow, I’ve overcome any inhibition I had of talking to a camera or making video tutorials. That’s all I do now!

I took a moment to pick some of my favourite animals in hats from the last 20. I need to choose which ones to turn into greeting cards, or t-shirts. I like the raccoon, the camel and the kiwi. It’s odd doing a project like this, the pictures take me back to the time I was making them. That time when I was able to have drinks with friends on a Friday evening. Ah well, by Christmas we’ll be back to normal and 2020 will be a bad dream. Hahaha.

Hey! Stay safe, mask up, wash your hands and don’t forget to call your parents.

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I am an illustrator and surface pattern designer. I have illustrated 18 picture books. I live in Melbourne, Australia with three kids, two dogs, four chickens and a mad husband. Life's busy. I also love to sew and cycle and visit galleries whenever I get the time.

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