My first story reading

At last!

I was brave enough to get in front of the camera and do a story reading. And it turned out to be the best fun and much easier than I thought, so I’ll do it again. It helps that I have three teenagers who are really great at directing and editing. Directing usually comes in the form of phrases like ‘Chill-out Mum, it’s just a bit of fun’. They don’t understand that I’m of the generation where if you looked at yourself too long in the mirror it was considered odd, and hearing your own voice recorded was excruciating! I remember vividly seeing myself on film for the first time when I was about 13 and telling myself ‘Well, that’s never ever happening again’.

Here it is.

Feel free to share it to anyone you know who has small children at home or is working in childcare.

1 thought on “My first story reading”

  1. Hey, Karen

    I loved Eva’s imagination!!!
    Especially because I have a daughter named Eva.
    Do you know if the book has already been translated to Portuguese? I’m a language teacher (English/ Portuguese) and I’d love to it so I can read to my Eva.


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