Flying Elephants from the Past

Many years ago when my parents lived in Australia (and the world wasn’t completely fxxxed…sorry, I’m trying to stay positive!) my daughter drew this marvellous elephant. Mum loved it so much she had it stuck on her laundry wall for ages. I managed to take a photo before it faded and the other day it popped up whilst I was reminiscing. So, of course, I made a pattern out of it.

So this got me thinking about all the millions of people who are housebound with children. Mine are older now but not so much older that I can’t remember exactly what it was like. We were lucky enough to live near the beach and amongst tree and countryside. Our kids were wild. They climbed and ran and swam and any opportunity. Confinement was really tough. But when we were stuck inside on a rainy day creative activity was on!

I have taught art for many years and love running workshops in schools. I’ve put together a list of fabulous online resources where you can find a wealth of ideas for creative activities for kids

kate's elephants_drawingkate's elephants_yellow

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