Two more pop-ups

It’s been a fairly usual week in the Erasmus house. I managed to get two more pop-ups completed for The 52 Week Illustration Challenge. I must say it’s a delightful online community. The positive feedback I’m getting is really spurring me on. The book ‘Being Different’ went off to the dark and gloomy world of production. I need to try and forget about it until it appears in print. So I’m enjoying embarking on other projects and catching up with ones I should have done ages ago. We celebrated ‘Christmas in July’ here last weekend with a delicious leg of lamb, fabulous company and of course loads of cake!




A usual Saturday night at our place

Tempered chocolate Christmas Trees. I did that!

P1030388 P1030393 P1030394 P1030396 P1030417

It’s cold.


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