Popping Up Again

A couple of years ago I created a pop-up sketchbook for The Sketch Book Project. It was sent off to be stored in the New York Library and I’ll probably never see it again. So I thought it was about time I set myself another ridiculous challenge. This one with ‘challenge’ in the title. The facebook pageĀ ’52 Week Illustration Challenge’ is now in its 27th week. Time to catch up! I’ve decided to do two pop-ups a week from now to the end of the year. That sounds ambitious at the moment, but my intentions are good and I really love making pop-ups.

Week 1. Fairy Tale

RedRidingHood popup

Week 27. Style

I miss my sisters all the time. Watching my three daughters growing up is a constant reminder of our childhood together. The bickering, discussions but most of all the laughing. My older sister has always had a style of her own. She is hilarious. One of my dearest memories of her is the Shirley Bassy impression she did one evening, using Mum’s purple 70’s floppy hat. Me and my younger sister almost wet ourselves laughing.

Hilarysings popup

Here we all when we were kids


I absolutely love pop-up books. So my intention is to put all these pop-ups together eventually. It will probably make a few books. I’ve had this paper engineering book since my teaching days. It’s ace.


Another book I’ve had for a long time. I was lucky enough to be left these delightful books full of sketches that are just blissful to look at and gain inspiration from. I can only dream of being able to capture character and movement like this in just a few marks.

babysketch childsketch childsketch01 girlsketch kids sketch pigandchicken

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