It’s been a busy couple of months. Somehow I survived whilst my lovely computer was being repaired at the Apple store for six weeks. Fortunately they did it for free so Christmas can go ahead as planned. It was very worrying there for a while but being patient worked a treat. Loads of stuff has happened so I’m just going to do a little visual update.

Incy Wincy went to press



This book was a very interesting project. A disturbing subject but very rewarding. It’s gone to press and I’m so looking forward to seeing the end result




On a very rainy, cold afternoon in Melbourne my eldest daughter and I went on an expedition to find the Sketchbook Project. It was an adventure through oneway systems and crummy carparking but we made it! Only had a rubbish mobile to record it all though. L found a fabulous sketchbook written from a dogs point of view by a woman in Tasmania. Only wish we’d made a note of her name. All the books are now archived in the New York library and L has promised me that she will find it one day on her travels


This was a speedy deadline but lots of fun, for company annual review brochure.



Loads of excitement when a couple of advanced copies of this book arrived on the doorstep. Just in time to send one overseas for Christmas!


The kids had their final ballet production for the year so I did something for the programme cover again.

The Nutcracker

And finally we landscaped the garden where the old pool used to be!


The madness continues. It’s December today and promising to be 36 degrees! But in this blogging space, when the sun come up later on in US, I’m hoping the snow will start falling. Does that make any sense at all?

Happy Christmas!

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