Pop Pop Pop

Rather than being able to document our busy lives this week, it got too busy. We’ve had a birthday, animal births, animal rescue, toe surgery, life changing decisions and a school concert. And a general election! I’m trying to catch my breath!  Here are the pop-ups I’ve done. Now I have to try and clean the house for a party tomorrow.


Charades around the fire

(Yes, that does say ‘mushrooms’ and it should say marshmallows, I wasn’t hallucinating that child dressed as a giraffe!)


Early morning birthday wake-up call


Orlando and Elliot, the new school lambs



Note sure how much more the book can take!

These last two pics are of the animal rescue we were responsible for last weekend. We’ve pondered over whether or not its a good thing to get rid of big dead gum trees so D decided to chop down one overhanging the driveway. It was a really close call for a couple of tiny sugar-gliders found nesting in the hollow of the tree. So now all the dead trees around this property will be staying



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