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It’s an odd existence being an illustrator. On the one hand I really love the quiet, undisturbed hours when I can get on with things at my own pace. I don’t crave human contact. I get enough of that before and after school. The frantic, crazed interactions involved with having three children with busy lives.  But recently I have felt a growing need to get out a bit more.  After a week of looking after a family with flu, the whole family, but not me, I wasn’t overly keen on going out on Friday night. But I’m so glad I did. I went to a friends business launch and spent an evening surrounded by beautiful objects, but more importantly caught up with friends who are just amazing. Here’s a few links to show you what I mean;

Ruth owns Kaamer Boutique.

Susan writes a beautiful blog about life and parenting

Janette is a fabulously talented interior designer with The Light Touch Interior Design

Jacquie Karney is a wonderful portrait artist


So over the next few weeks I’m looking forward to getting out. I have a seminar with Illustrators Australia to attend next Saturday. The picture above is for their 9×5 exhibition in October which, oddly,  I’ve been very organised and early with entering.

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