One Word, One Awesome Day!


The very distinctive Anna Walker, and the odd hairy man witha mouse in his beard above… by me!


Judith Rossell kept me entertained all day.


I didn’t chat with the person who did this beautiful hairy picture, so I’m sorry I didn’t catch their name.


Maggie Dannatt chatted to us about illustrating for Jackanoree back in the 70’s. What a legend.


One of my hairy pieces… excuse me!


Mitch Vane


My favourite by Serena Geddes

Yesterday I managed to get out of the house to attend the One Word One Day event in Melbourne in aid of the Indigenous Literacy foundation. The word was ‘hairy’ and to start with so was the whole experience. It’s very confronting creating a couple of pieces of work in the foyer of the ABC Centre surrounded by fabulous illustrators. But, once I got over that it was a whole lot of fun and a lovely opportunity to chat with some fabulous people. I wish I’d got a shot of Elise Hurst’s gorgeous piece of work. All the work is up for auction soon.

I also had an unexpected chat with Andy Griffiths which the girls were thrilled about because they just devour his crazy books. And despite his image he’s an extremely down-to-earth and normal person of course.

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