‘Jump’ for IF

It’s been a crazy few weeks finishing a book deadline but it’s finally time for a breather. Off to Red Hill Art Show opening this Friday with a crowd of girls, which should be a great giggle. It’ll be interesting to see their responses to my recent animal creations.

This weeks Illustration Friday word is ‘jump’. As kids we spent a lot of time in the Summer at the river. Completely unsupervised, no safety barriers or first aid kit. Shock! Horror! How did we survive?. We jumped off rocks and slid down waterfalls and laughed and laughed. This Summer we camped in the hills by a river and my eldest joined in with the local boys and jumped of rock faces into the river. It nearly gave me heart failure.

8 thoughts on “‘Jump’ for IF

  1. Simply beautiful! I’m very envious of painters…that water is gorgeous. The little girl is too…I still hold my nose just like that when I jump into water.

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