The Best Day!

This is my girl and flying dog next to one of Shaun Tan’s

I don’t know whose this was but I like it a lot

Today I had the absolute pleasure of taking part in the One Word illustration event in the foyer of the ABC centre in Melbourne. It could take me while come down from the high of sitting next to Shaun Tan. We may have appeared to to be two illustrators industriously creating but I was desperately trying to think of things to say that were casual and conversational without showing my awe and wonder like a giggly school girl. This bottom picture is  the one he did whilst sitting next to me. The event started with the announcement of a word ‘fly’ and a collection of around twenty illustrators set out on creating their reactions. Some of my absolute favourites were amongst the crowd; Elizabeth Botte, Alison Lester, Ann James. It was a fantastic day for me and has set me up beautifully for starting the colour pages for Hachette Publications. All the pictures will be auctioned in aid of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation

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