Illustrators Australia 9×5 Exhibition

Illustrators Australia run this delightful exhibition based on the idea of handpainting on wood from the 1890 Cigar box exhibition held in Melbourne by the Heidelberg artists. I have the pleasure of being a member this year rather than a student so here is my entry.

The word we were given to illustrate was ‘Rapture’ so I paused for a moment to think of the happiest time of my life. It didn’t take long. The birth of my first child was a dramatic event. My sister had come round for lunch with her girlfriend and they ended up delivering a baby on the living room floor. She was beautiful, healthy and really tiny (2.3 kilos). 10 years on she’s still feisty, speedy and taking us all by surprise. Holding her for the first time was rapturous.

You can check out all the 9×5’s here and you can buy them and/or visit the exhibition.

Opening night: Friday 14th October from 6pm (auction at 8pm)
Gallery closed to public (Seminar) – Saturday 15th October
Gallery open Sunday 16th October 10am-3pm
Where: Space 39, Level 2, 39 Little Collins Street, Melbourne Vic.

2 thoughts on “Illustrators Australia 9×5 Exhibition

  1. Beautiful Karen! Can’t wait to see it in person. and what an amazing story to go with it, wow!

    Are you going to the opening and the seminars? Look forward to seeing you and hopefully having more of a chat than last time!! x

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