Yay! The publisher loves my platypi. I yelped and hugged my eldest, who happened to be in the room, when I got that email. Watch this space. I feel like I’m crawling up a steep hill slowly with the whole ‘getting published’ thing, but yesterday there was a glimmer of hope. In the meantime, I have set up another shop and I’m working on creating a decent amount of stock. It’s called ‘Little Splashes’. Here’s the link www.madeit.com.au/LittleSplashes

Also, ‘Lottie the Lollipop Lady’ is getting out there. May have some local newspaper appearances. Not sure how I feel about that. My last brush with local press was when I was 18 and I felt like hiding away for months afterwards. Thankfully I’ve moved to the other side of the world and it’s 20 years later. Perhaps it’s time to put the past in the past!


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