I haven’t written for almost a month, but it has been a ridiculously busy month. The kids are off school and busy playing whilst I continue to work. I am illustrating a book for Road Crossing Victoria involving the lovey ‘Lottie’. I’m also really excited to have been featured in the online magazine ‘Pass It On’. I picked up the ‘Lottie’ job through the magazine so I’m thrilled to featured. The ‘Illustrator of The Week’ section is available for everyone to see, although the rest is a subscription. I’m also desperately trying to put together a proposal for the Australian Society of Authors mentor program. This will probably involve a few late nights the way things are going

Aside from illustrating I turned 40 which was a delightful experience and really made me realise was a fabulous bunch of good friends I have. I got a shiny new ipod which is lovely and very distracting. I like to think it’s going to improve my productivity, but the only thing that will do that is to keep on drawing.

Derinya Art Exhibition is coming up as well.  I have four pictures in. One is still waiting to be completed, but I’m confident.

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