I won!



Last week was the Mount Eliza Art Exhibition. They ran a competition for the first time called ‘Bringing Words to Life’. The author of Nim’s Island, Wendy Orr, supplied a poem and all the artists were invited to respond to it visually. She was also one of the judges. I was thrilled when she announced my picture as the winning entry as so many of the others were really beautiful and apt. It’s the first time I’ve ever won anything.

Here’s the poem:

‘….if there’s nothing inside, it wouldn’t hurt so much: there must be someone doing the crying. I write it one last time.

I am
Peeling like an onion,
Shedding papery protection,
and superficial skin –
tearing, skinning, ripping off the layers –
the firm and curving flesh
of what onions used to be –
Peeling onions makes me cry.
Shrinking down to nothing,
my shells are disappearing
and there’s nowhere left to hide.
But under all the layers
– a tiny green shoot sprouting –
I’m growing from inside.’

By Wendy Orr

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