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The other day I had a wonderful surprise from an old school friend. She sent me this sketch that she drew of me when we were 18 and doing our art A Level together. Twenty years ago!Kate-P's-sketch-of-me01

I’m gearing up for the Mount Eliza Art show at the end of October and thought I’d be organised ahead of schedule for the first year ever.  Forgot to take a picture of this one before putting it in the frame.


This one’s fairly large. I was experimenting a bit with the soft white pastel. I quite like the effect.


This one isn’t going in  the show, it was for a college assigment. I worked so hard on it I thought I’d show it off. I love this method of working, especially for illustration, as it has good dramatic effect.


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  1. really like all these my sis, beautiful stuff. I’m v.dissillusioned with work at the mo and really want to get going with the cartoon stuff properly. any tips?

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