Favourite Illustrator #8 Russell Ayto


Continuing with the ‘breezy’ theme set by Illustration Friday this week. It immediatly made me think of this fabulous illustrator. This is the first page of the book ‘The Witch’s Children’. My children love it because it’s hilarious and I adore the illustrations. They seem simple but are very effective and very very funny. Just what all children’s illustrators are aiming for I suppose.

One thought on “Favourite Illustrator #8 Russell Ayto

  1. Hi Karen – I am getting back into drawing, painting after being away for a few decades… yeah, I know. A quick comment – I love your site (thank you for all of this) but a few of the links are dead. Looks like its itme to do a quick check so dead links can be revived or removed. Please keep updating your site – its an inspriation at a time when inspiration is needed!

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