Happy Blogaversary to me!

I can’t believe I let the date of my blogaversary pass unmentioned. Somewhere between doing countless school runs, trips to the gym, cricket, scouts and music classes it slipped my mind. So what should I do to to mark this auspicious occasion…… apart from challenge myself to spell words like auspicious correctly? It’s so good I had to write it twice.

Anyway,  I can’t think of anything special to do so instead there’s……more of the same! Some of the scribbles i’ve done this week and a mention of a fabulous quirky artist. I stumbled upon this wonderful website that made me laugh outloud sometime in November 2008. I immediatly emailed my sister the link because I was to struck. I didn’t know at the time that she’d already posted my Christmas present. She’d been in a book shop with my other sister and they’d agreed that I’d love this book and should be sent it for Christmas. Sisters are just fabulous aren’t they? Well, mine are better than anyones. Don’t waste any more time! Click here right now for  Little People. A Tiny Street Art Project by  Slinkachu I think my favourites are ‘They’re not pets Susan’ and ‘Crappy Christmas’. There are also a bunch of wonderful links to other artists on this site.

This week  I did this little scribbly sketch of my middle daughter sulking over her supper and fiddle about with it with photoshop. There’s other stuff in progress aswell.


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