How long does it take to cook a kangeroo?

It’s been ages since I wrote and things haven’t been very productive on the drawing front. It’s the first week back at college though, so things are warming up again.

Last night we took some overseas visitors to our favourite spot to watch kangeroos. My eldest daughter, the one who wants to be a vet and live in Africa,  took a bag with her in case she found a couple of bones. After seeing heaps of beautiful kangeroos and their cute little joeys hopping about we stumbled upon a complete skeleton. Well, it was like we’d hit the jackpot and it was all I could do to stop her from bringing the whole thing home. We compromised with the skull,  some vertibrae and lower leg bone.  So now I have the grim task of boiling these things, but how long for? The only good thing in this for me is that bones are great to draw…….and I have one very happy eight year old.



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