I was tagged by Jess. This hasn’t happened to me before, so I hope I get it right. Apparently I have to share seven things about myself…scarey, and then tag seven others…less scarey. I like this idea. Jess is my only regular viewer and commenter and it’s always a joy to hear from her. So here goes!

1. I live in Melbourne, moved here four years ago and it really is the most livable city in the world. I haven’t been to all the others and I should think people are living pretty well there too, but it’s very cool here.

2. I taught English in Eritrea (another very cool place) for a year after finishing uni.

3. I chew the skin around my nails. (oh god, it’s got to get more interesting than this)

4. I love listening to Don McClain, Paul Simon, ABBA and The Carpenters because they remind me of my mother (although I don’t really need to be reminded of her because she lives just down the road) and my childhood and dancing with my wonderful sisters.

5. I had an idylic childhood in Devon.

6. I am a runner…. currently 10km every weekend

7. I drink too much coffee ( sorry, ran out of things to say and the kids need their breakfast)

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