‘Wise?’ for Illustration Friday


When I was five ( this story has nothing to do with this picture really….it’s about me…of course) I wanted to enter a childrens tv program (Blue Peter – a Great British institution ) competition. It involved drawing animals and I can remember quite clearly having a massive tantrum because I couldn’t draw elephant ears. Not much has changed. I’m still very attached to getting my artwork right and it can bring things to a sudden stop very easily. I took some advise from a professional, highly acclaimed illustrator recently. Instead of falling over in admiration of my work she was clear that I needed to draw much more in order to develop the way I wanted to. It’s taken me weeks to process this and use it positively. Am I just thick or addicted to bringing myself down?

Which brings me to this very badly rendered picture. I decided to get back to having fun with drawing and thinking about characters. Because if it’s not fun there’s just no point. Here are some recent sketch book pictures.


2 thoughts on “‘Wise?’ for Illustration Friday

  1. Karen,

    Remember that you will always be your own worst critic. Use this to your advantage and work as hard as time will allow to bring yourself to a point where you criticize it less. I started on my goal of professional illustration back in January, and along the way have seen my art improve with each sketch. That improvement carries me to the next step in reaching my goal.

    Not sure what you are not liking about your art, as the stuff you have here is really good!

    Maybe I missed the point of your post…

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