We have come to end of the college year. It all happened in a mad panic of last minute assignments in the same week as the art exhibition at school which demands alot of time. The opening night was a wonderful evening. We sold alot of paintings. The feature artist, Rose Knight, did very well. I had the huge honour of selling this portrait to a man who has been a portrait artist for a long time and does really beautiful work. I was also able to have a chat with Janine Daddo who was wonderfully encouraging.

All this good feeling and encouragment should leave me full of motivation of course, but I’ve barely picked up a pencil in two weeks. Christmas is coming and I’ve done nothing towards getting that organised…….this is a line I say about a million times during Nov and Dec and it drives everyone around me nuts. SO, it’s time to get a grip and find some inspiration!

A few weeks ago we visited the McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park. This is one of the absolute jewels of the peninsula. I know I sound like a tourist board brochure, but honestly it’s beautiful. The sculpture artist Ron Muek was exhibiting. It completely blew me away. A quick google of the name will bring up images of his work. The mixed emotions it evokes range from humour and  familiarity with the figures to feeling disturbed and confused. He plays alot with scale so the figures are not accurate in that sense but they are earily realistic in every other way.  Just brilliant.


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