‘Detach’ for IF

I’m having to get used to the fact that my second child will soon be turning five and will be starting school in January. She is a tiny person physically but has a massive personality so I’m sure she’ll be fine. But this is a time when I know I have to let go and become more detached. She also has the task of becoming more detached from the ‘thing’ we affectionately call ‘Manky’.

8 thoughts on “‘Detach’ for IF

  1. Oh, cute, cute, cute! She sounds like my second child — tiny, but packed with a punch. The detachment process is harder for mom, I think. 🙂

  2. How hard it is to let go. My oldest started middle school this year, where does the time go? Love the illustration. You captured her smallness and her excitement about starting school.

  3. wonderful illustration and really fits the topic well….

    I am sending not one, but two to HS this year and I can’t believe it. They have no trouble “detaching”….but I think I always will 🙂 At least I still have one in elementary school….

    do I see Manky in the backpack ???

  4. awww! my baby is starting next year. It’s bittersweet isn’t it. it’s so exciting to see their personalities emerging but so sad to see thier babyhood slipping away.

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