Last week was just horrible with a big capital ‘H’. I had a car accident (no one injured, though god knows how). All three of the kids had gastro and vomitted horribly in their beds and in the car. I lost my purse and had to cancel all my cards. Then I discovered another headlice on the head of the yougest so we’ll have to go through all that nonsense again. By Friday I was losing the plot and feeling thoroughly sorry for myself. I went to college and had a project to complete. It was an illustration for a magazine cover. I thought my idea was good. It was supposed to be a young fashion mag and I thought I’d go with the sport angle but do someone street jumping with an urban background and emphesising the sport shoes. It went hopelessly badly. Here is the evidence. But then on the weekend I went for a long run in the freezing cold rain and I’ve been feeling better ever since. I don’t like to think that my art work is governed by how I feel but it seems in this case it was. Today I did the fourth one here. I still think there’s alot of room for improvement but I’ve made progrees and it’s time to move on. So far this week is going very well. The kids and I walked to school this morning which is always fabulous as it’s so beautiful watching them running through the trees and splashing in the mud.

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