Inspiring Artists

I love discovering artists by just finding images of their work by chance and because i am somehow drawn to it….as apposed to being told it is good or held in regard by others. I was looking through my new book ‘The Picture Book’ and particularly loved the work of an illustrator named Nomoco. It is beautiful and compelling in its simplicity and the kind of thing I could just stare at for hours.

I’ve also recently been looking at the work of Chris Rowe. This particular image struck me. It’s called ‘Last Conversation’ and depicts her 109 year old grandmother. I thought it was a beautiful homage to a woman she clearly held in high regard.

I found an advert for the new works of Craig Ruddy in the Art Almanac and have to admit that I didn’t know the name before looking it up. Of course I recognised one of his paintings immediatly. He won the Archibald Prize for his portrait of aboriginal actor David Gulpilil in 2004. I just love all his work because of its energy.

I was going to include some of my own work here but I just can’t after mentioning these fabulous people so I’ll start another post.

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